MJ Natural Resources

MJ Natural Resources started as a vision between Dr. Melissa Weinstein and her close friend Tina when they were researching alternatives to pharmaceuticals for a family member’s mental health issues.

Dr. Weinstein (DO) is a Bergen County, NJ OBGYN- who has been in practice for over 20 years. Recognizing that many of her patient’s health issues may be easily dismissed by others as being “in your head” or “it’s no big deal – deal with it” or even “here is a prescription for….” Dr. Weinstein has educated herself in ways regular CBD products can be helpful in many situations.

Tina is the business manager of MJ Natural Resources. She oversees the operations, marketing and quality assurance of our proprietary CBD product line. Tina has had careers in Business, Operations, Energy Management, Sales, Accounting and IT training. She is also the President and Co-Founder of the CATE Foundation- which benefits from the success of MJ Natural Resources.

LOTS of research was conducted to make sure the products MJ Natural Resources offers are the best available in the USA. They all are lab tested, vetted for accountability and compared with competing brands to assess the most value for your money. MJ Natural Resources ran into numerous companies that were promoting CBD products that were either inferior, came from Europe (where the presence of hazardous material is likely), had misleading dosing attributes or were just plain outright scams.

MJ Natural Resources was lucky enough to stumble upon the ONLY medicinal hemp producer in the USA! Our manufacturer has a patent pending for a strain of medicinal hemp in which the whole plant is used for an actual FULL SPECTRUM product with NO THC! We visited the company in Colorado and could not be happier with the production system they have. They control the whole process from plants to packaging! This assures our customers -that they are getting the best product in the marketplace.

Not only do we have CBD products for your whole family -we even have products for your dog or horse!

Our main sales office is in the Tampa, Florida area – where customers can arrange for free local pick-up or if you are a patient of Paramus OBGYN – you can buy yours locally.

We strive to be the best resource for CBD products for our customers and patients. Let us know how we can improve our service by contacting us here, email, or our Facebook page.

Website: www.MJNaturalResources.com